DLD Munich 23 (BJÖRN)

Filmed: Friday 13 January 2023

Location: Munich, Germany

Release status: Unreleased

Shown in: Germany

Additional information

DLD stands for Digital, Life, Design and explores how the digital age fundamentally changes our life, society and business. Founded in 2005, DLD started as in intimate gathering of friends. Since then it has developed into an interdisciplinary, internationally connected platform for people who have changed or will change the world – with their creativity, their business model, their research findings or their personal involvement in a cause close to their heart. Over the last decade DLD has become a hub to launch new concepts, connect disparate ideas or inspire through outstanding role models – bridging the gap between continents, business models and thought patterns. DLD is Europe’s hottest digital innovation conference and has been named ‘one of the two most important innovation conferences in Europe’ by The Economist.

Björn gave a Keynote speech and then took part in a panel at the annual DLD Conference in the following sessions:

  1. It's a Bloody Mess! Solving One of the Music Industry’s Biggest Challenges
    • Niclas Molinder, Session
    • Björn Ulvaeus, Music Producer

  2. New Tunes: How Short Form, Long Tail, AI, and the Blockchain Revolutionize Music Yet Again
    • Max Ciociola, Musixmatch
    • Fred Davis, The Raine Group
    • Ole Obermann, TikTok and Bytedance
    • Björn Ulvaeus, Music Producer
    • Michael Weissman, SoundCloud
    • Thomas Hesse, Dreamstage

The same day, he was briefly interviewed by German news channel Bunte.de and spoke about how TikTok was introducing young people to new music.

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