Lorraine (BJÖRN)

Filmed: Thursday 23 December 2021

Location: Stockholm, Sweden (assumption)

Broadcast: Thursday 23 December 2021, ITV, 09:12 (LIVE)

Release status: Unreleased

Duration: 6:51

Shown in: UK

Additional information

Björn appeared live on this daily news magazine programme from the comfort of his car in (presumably) Stockholm city centre somewhere.

Interviewed by Andi Peters, who was standing in for Lorraine Kelly, they talked about the ABBA comeback and the reaction to it, ABBA being 'uncool', Björn's favourite ABBA song (The Winner Takes It All), the ABBAtar show, ABBA's Grammy nomination, the Christmas single, Little Things, and whether there would be any more albums.


Thanks to Neil Barber.
YouTube link c/o Good Morning Britain

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