Unknown German TV show

Filmed: Monday 12 – Sunday 18 March 1973

Location: Hamburg, Germany

Release status: Unreleased

Shown in: Germany

Additional information

In an interview with Stig Anderson, dated 21 March 1973, he is quoted as saying, “Last week Abba were in Hamburg doing TV, and on Friday they will do the same in Vienna.”

We know about the Vienna visit ( Spotlight ) but here we have information that they were also supposed to visit Hamburg.  Other earlier 1973 articles alluded to a Hamburg visit, but this article, based on a conversation with Stig, presents their Hamburg TV appearance as a fact.  However, reporters can often get things wrong, and since the Hamburg reference here is not presented as an actual quote from Stig, it might be something that the reporter added of his own accord, based on previous information that “they are going to do TV in Hamburg”.

It wouldn’t have been 14, 15 or 16 March, as they were busy finishing the Ring Ring album on those dates.

So this is worth an inclusion here, especially if anyone can shed any light on it.  This would be especially interesting if it was another TV appearance featuring Inger Brundin in place of Agnetha.



Thanks to Carl Magnus Palm.

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