Filmed: Thursday 22 March 1973 or Friday 23 March 1973

Location: Vienna, Austria

Broadcast: Sunday 27 May 1973, 17:05-17:55, ORF1, Austria

Release status: Ring Ring was released on the Ring Ring Deluxe Edition

Duration: 49:44 (whole programme); ABBA songs 7 minutes

Shown in: Austria

Additional information

Spotlight was a monthly TV programme for teenagers on channel ORF 1 (Österreichischer Rundfunk), a co-production with Swiss Broadcasting Corporation (SRG). This music series focussed on music with local and national live guests & videos in 50 minutes Episodes.  From 1968 to 1978 hosted by popular bearded Austrian TV presenter Peter Rapp.

With Inger Brundin still standing in for Agnetha (who had given birth to Linda a month earlier), they performed (mimed to) People Need Love and Ring Ring, the latter being performed standing around a low rotating chandelier and was introduced Peter Rapp.

This was part of a promotional tour of Germany (Disco) Netherlands (Popzien), Belgium (Ziet u er wat in?) and Denmark (Television City and Sommerlørdag) in the first few months of 1973.

A segment of Ring Ring was repeated on 31 December 1973 in a review program of the year.

Some rehearsal footage of this Spotlight appearance was featured on Austria Wochenshau on 8 June 1973.  In 2004 a DVD called Austria Wochenschau was released in Austria which included 24 seconds of ABBA footage during rehearsals (in black and white).

The performance of Ring Ring was released on the Ring Ring Deluxe Edition released on 14 October 2013.

Running order of this episode:-

  1. ABBA - People Need Love
  2. Barbara Stromberger - Beeil dich
  3. ABBA - Ring Ring
  4. Jimmy's Brass Band - jazz
  5. Barbara Stromberger - Ich nin Frei
  6. Slade - Gudbuy T'Jane (live promo)
  7. Gary Glitter - Rock'n Roll (promo)
  8. Family Tree - Day by Day
  9. Family Tree - Fly Captain Fly
  10. Family Tree - David, Maria
  11. Family Tree - This is a Song for You
  12. interview with the group
  13. Family Tree - Hey Love, Look at Me

Click here for an alternative image showing Inger Brundin at the front of the shot next to Björn.  This must have been from a dress rehearsal.

Click here for a TV listing cutting from Diet Tat - 25 May 1973.

Frida, Benny and Björn all wore the same outfits that they wore for Melodifestivalen.
Frida's glare at Björn (at 2:24 during Ring Ring)

Lyrics available on the Official ABBA site:
People Need Love; Ring Ring

Thanks to Harry Ehler (for info on the bearded guy!), Jozsef, Dmitry Shipov, Julian Koerner, Carl Magnus Palm, Sam Shervz, Watler Veldman, Jun Seo, Julian D, Nicole Schloß, Alison Guest and Erik Liebstaedter. 
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