Cartoon - Where Do We Go From Here? (AGNETHA)

Release status: Unreleased

Duration: 3 mins, 13 seconds

Shown in: Worldwide - Internet

Additional information

In advance of the release of the "re-imagined" A+ album in October 2023, Agnetha surprised us all with releasing a new single, Where Do We Go From Here? but not only that, a cartoon video was released.

The video featured a blonde girl (presumably Agnetha although it didn't look like her) and Agnetha's two dogs, Bella and Bruno who she had got as puppies when A was originally recorded and released in 2012-2013.  Not only that, but her first car, a Triumph Spitfire, was featured as a cartoon too and in some sections, the girl was wearing a heart shaped jumpsuit, presumably inspired by Agnetha's pink one from her pre and early ABBA career.

The animation was by Aarto AKA (also known as) Josh Twist.

News accompanying the video release quoted Agnetha as saying, "When I saw the video for the first time, I couldn't believe my eyes! It was so beautiful and so emotional. Everything was there, even my beloved dogs and the very first car I ever owned - it captured it all."

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