Sir Ian McKellan joins ABBA! (BJÖRN)

Filmed: November 2022 (a guess)

Location: London (a guess)

Broadcast: Friday 2 December 2022

Release status: Unreleased

Duration: 51 seconds

Shown in: Worldwide - Internet

Additional information

One year after Björn and Sir Ian McKellan appeared knitting together in a bizarre series of films promoting ABBA Voyage, another one popped up on Friday 2 December 2022 on all ABBA Voyage social media platforms, followed a few days later by a couple more. In each one, obviously filmed at the same time, they are wearing the 2021 Christmas ABBA sweater and knitting the 2022 ones!

There chat appears (at least to me) to be improvised:

  1. Sir Ian McKellan joins ABBA!
    Both Björn and Sir Ian are seen knitting the 2022 Christmas jumper and Sir Ian jokes that the poster on the wall behind them features him in the ABBA 'Tron' line-up!

  2. ABBA's Björn and Sir Ian McKellen sing a knitting song
    Here they continue knitting together and Sir Ian suggests that Björn could write a song about knitting!

  3. John Bishop knits with ABBA's Björn and Sir Ian McKellen
    After recently seeing UK comedian John Bishop wearing an ABBA Voyage jumper, itt was then a surprise to see him (wearing the 2022 Christmas bobble hat) turning up in a video with Björn and Sir Ian to help with the knitting but he has to hand over his knitting needles as he wasn't very good!  In a genius cross-marketing promotion, John and Sir Ian will be starring together in a touring pantomime production of Mother Goose together throughout the UK from 15 December 2022 starting off in London to 1 April 2023 where they end in Cardiff.

Note that the music in the background for all videos is a Christmassy instrumental version of Chiquitita - although it's not known how much Benny was involved in that.

Sir Ian McKellan joins ABBA!

Sir Ian McKellan: Knitting is a solitary activity but one that you can do in company
Björn Ulvaeus: Yeah
SIM: I prefer knitting with friends
BU: I do too but .... are you knitting with others?   You're not ...
SIM: Oh, no, no, just you, just you.  No, I'm faithful!
BU: Yes!
SIM: And I'm very, very pleased to see, to see that the poster that you've put up .... (mumbles)
BU: Yeah, it's good, yes
SIM: Finally ...
BU: Finally you found you place!
SIM: Yes, and you put me in the centre, that was very generous
BU: Of course!  Where else?  Where else?
SIM: Of course, maybe next year we'll have A, B, I ...
BU: Yes, yes yes!  A, B, I, B, A ...

ABBA's Björn and Sir Ian McKellen sing a knitting song

Sir Ian McKellan: I seem to remember last year you said that you were going to write a knitting song?
Björn Ulvaeus: Er, did I?
SIM: Wouldn't that be nice?  A knitting song, just think about that ...
BU: I'll think about that 'til next year
SIM: Yes
BU: There's a certain kind of rhythmn in this knitting, isn't there?  
SIM: Yes
BU: ... which could inspire Benny and me
SIM: Yes
BU: Ding-na, ding-na, ding'na!  I mean it's, it's very catchy
SIM: Knitting, Knitting, Knitting!
BU: Yes!
SIM: It's a knitter's world!

John Bishop knits with ABBA's Björn and Sir Ian McKellen

Sir Ian McKellan: This is a lad I brought with me called John
Björn Ulvaeus: Yeah
SIM: John Bishop, this is Björn
John Bishop: Hello Björn
BU: Hello John
SIM: And, er, we meet to do our knitting for the merchandise each year and I thought you would be busy so I brought a friend, he's a very hard worker
JB: Yes, yes
SIM: He's not done much knitting
JB: I've not done ...
SIM: As you can tell ...
BU: Well .. a bit disappointed actually, you should bring someone else in
SIM: I think we should ask him not to do any more knitting.
BU: I think so ...
SIM: If you could handover your knitting needles
BU: Yes ... and just sit here ...
SIM: Some, some, someone's going to have to deal with that
BU: .. and be supportive, that's all
JB: As they say, The Winner Takes It All!
BU: Yes!

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