Hela Sverige skramlar för Ukraina (BJÖRN)

Filmed: Saturday 2 April 2022

Location: Avicii Arena, Stockholm, Sweden

Broadcast: Saturday 2 April 2022, SVT, Sweden

Release status: Unreleased

Duration: 8 mins, 57 seconds

Shown in: Sweden

Additional information

Hela Sverige skramlar för Ukraina = The whole of Sweden is supporting Ukraine

This was a fundraising concert for the benefit of Ukraine. It was a live broadcast from Avicii Arena (previously known as the Ericsson Globe or the Globe Arena (Globen)).

On stage performing were Veronica Maggio, Per Gessle (performing Listen To Your Heart ), Eva Dahlgren, The Hives, Cornelia Jakobs, Gina Dirawi, Amason, Peter Jöback, Malena Ernman, Melissa Horn, Wilmer X, Johnossi, Miriam Bryant, Ola Salo, Benjamin Ingrosso, Sarah Dawn Finer, Imenella, Darin, Jakob Hellman and more.

Björn opened the concert with a very passionate and powerful speech about the ongoing war in Ukraine.

Thanks to Kaarin Goodburn c/o ABBAtalk and Regina Grafunder at ABBA Intermezzo International Fan Club.
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