ABBA Voyage teasers (BJÖRN & BENNY)

Filmed: August 2021 (a guess)

Location: RMV Studios, Stockholm

Broadcast: Sunday 29 August - Tuesday 31 August 2021

Release status: Instagram and TikTok

Duration: 11 seconds, 33 seconds

Shown in: Worldwide - Instagram and TikTok

Additional information

During July and August 2021, ABBA's Instagram page began a series of almost daily posts featuring most of their recorded output in chronological order and accompanied by a quote from Benny, Björn, Frida or Agnetha relating to that particular song. Fans speculated that it would end with some kind of announcement regarding the release of the two recorded songs from 2017 that we had been waiting for.

Indeed, when the countdown ended with I Am The City, it became clear that a new teaser campaign would begin as the website ABBA Voyage became live and teased that an annoucement would be made a few days later on Thursday 2 September 2021.

  1. Released - Sunday 29 August 2021 - Instagram
    At the end of the description of I Am The City at the end of the Instagram countdown (see above), Björn appeared in a very short video, saying, "Hi guys, I am Björn from ABBA. Thank you for joining our musical journey here on Instagram - a journey that never ends."

  2. Released - Monday 30 August 2021 - TikTok
    A video of Benny playing Dancing Queen accompanied the annoucement that ABBA had joined social media platform TikTok.

  3. Released - Tuesday 31 August 2021 - TikTok
    A short video racing around the RMV Studios to the strains of Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! until it opens a door to reveal benny and Björn waving to the camera.  The caption on the video read, "Who is in the studio?".

Thanks to Jan Bach, Laura Zuliani and Chris Williams c/o ABBAtalk.
YouTube video c/o The Australian Female Gamer

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