me Convention (BJÖRN)

Filmed: Wednesday 5 September 2018

Location: Nacka Strandsmässan, Stockholm, Sweden

Release status: Unreleased

Shown in: Sweden

Additional information

Björn gave a Keynote speech moderated by Frank Briegmann, President & CEO Central Europe Universal Music and Deutsche Grammophon at the me Convention in Stockholm where they took a dive into the international music industry – what’s driving artists and record labels in the music business and the role played in the sector by global digitalization.

Ulvaeus and Briegmann will also discussed the significance of technology in being at the forefront of the competitive field and the characteristics and skills necessary to make it to the top, alongside an exploration of the greater me Convention themes.

It would appear most speakers were filmed and shared online but I cannot find one of Björn although he does feature very briefly in their highlights video.

YouTube link c/o me Convention

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