Nyhetsmorgon (AGNETHA)

Filmed: Monday 23 January 2009

Broadcast: Tuesday Tuesday 24 January 2009

Release status: Unreleased

Shown in: Sweden

Additional information

Nyhetsmorgon = News Morning

Agnetha was interviewed by Lasse Bengtsson on the phone about the award from Rockbjörnsgalan 2009  and whether she has any plans to record again. She said that she thought about it from time to time, but that it never really resulted in anything.

The interview was preceded by footage from the Aftonbladet's web TV coverage of the Rockbjörnen ceremony. After the interview they showed a fairly long excerpt from the 2004 interview on Nyhetsmorgon.



Lasse Bengtsson: Hi Agnetha and congratulations on the prize!

Agnetha: Thank you so much!

LB: "You looked quite cool, you and Anni-Frid on the stage last night."

A: "Yes, it was actually [...]. It'd been a very long time since we'd last seen each other and it was actually very nice. And we met with such a warm reception, with all those youngsters there. We felt precisely like in the old days and we just felt very grateful and humbled and also proud of the prize we received. It was almost as if we got a flashback, you could really feel how it was those 30-35 years ago."

LB: "So what's the story with the washbasin and wigs? Can you say anything more?"

A: "Oh my oh my, we shouldn't have said that! [laughs] No, it [...] like Frida said, it comes in our biographies - if those get written, of course."
LB: "You go out sometimes, Agnetha, are you planning on appearing in public more often?"

A: "No, I don't think so [laughs]. It's only when you get lured out sometimes when, for example, you are to pick up a prize, that you feel you want to come out and talk about how grateful you are and proud of what we have done."

LB: "Do you have any album under way?"

A: "You can't exactly say I do. Sometimes I get different ideas and such and then think of materialising them. I think it's... I have so many other things going on in life now. You are simply in a different phase. But sometimes yes, I feel like I perhaps should do something more, though it [...]."

LB: "Yes, but you do not rule it out then?"

A: "No, I don't. I've been inside and fiddling a little with some Swedish songs, but I don't know really... It's just ideas."

LB: "It's been more or less four years since I made an interview with you, Agnetha, it was your most recent actual interview. What would you say [...] about the remarkable, new tide of ABBA-hysteria?"

A: "Well yes, it's been very good, very pleasant."

LB: "Thank you, good luck"

Thanks to Gabriel Zubowski c/o ABBA Village
Extra thanks to Petri Kaasalainen and Elisabeth Nilsson for filling in the gaps

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