Stig Andersons Begravning (BENNY, BJÖRN & FRIDA)

Filmed: Friday 10 October 1997

Location: St Jakob's Church, Kungstradgarden, Stockholm, Sweden

Broadcast: Friday 10 October 1997, LIVE, 15:00, Sweden

Release status: Unreleased

Shown in: Sweden

Additional information

Stig Andersons Begravning = Stig Anderson's Funeral

Björn, Benny and Frida all attended the funeral in person. Agnetha, apparently unwell, sent a floral tribute which said, "Thank you and Goodbye".

Björn and Benny were seen entering the church with their wives Lena and Mona (respectively), and Benny was seen a couple of times throughout the service with Mona.

Frida was be seen paying tribute at the coffin at the very end of the broadcast.

Svante Thuresson, Lars Lönndahl, Siw Malkmkvist, Ann-Louise Hanson and Barbro Svensson (Lill-Babs) performed Vackra sagor är så korta (The Beautiful Stories Are Always Too Short) with swedish lyrics written by Stig.

Thanks to Mohamed amd Daniel Johansson.
YouTube link c/o Rosa Mannen

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