Musik på Borggården (FRIDA)

Filmed: Friday 14 August 1992

Location: Royal Palace, Stockholm, Sweden

Broadcast: TV4, Sweden

Release status: Unreleased

Shown in: Sweden

Additional information

Musik på Borggården = Music at the Courtyard

Frida was one of the organizers in Artister för Miljö (Artists for the Environment) who arranged this musical gala which took place in the inner courtyard of the Royal Palace in Stockholm.

The King and the Queen were special guests. Lots of ABBA fans arrived from all over the world to see Frida performing live again.  Frida addressed the audience at the very start of the concert.

Running order (there may be some missing from this list, but all the important Frida bits are listed!): 

  1. Frida - Saltwater (written by Julian Lennon)
  2. Tomas Ledin - Hår Kommer Den Nya Tiden
  3. Marie Fredriksson - Så Skimrande Var Aldrig Havet
  4. Frida and Marie Fredriksson (from Roxette) - What a Wonderful World 
  5. Artister för Miljö (Frida, Tomas Ledin, Marie Fredriksson and Håkan Hagegård) - Änglamark
    (an old Swedish classic song written by Swedish author, composer and singer Evert Taube).

At the very end of the concert, Frida sang a very quick, "God natt, god natt, god natt" (Good night, Good night, Good night), but this was not broadcast on the TV version. It's known about because there were a few fan videos of the concert in existence.

The songs Saltwater and Änglamark were released on a single together in Sweden. Here's the front cover and the back cover.

The gold top that Frida wore was auctioned in 2012.

Thanks to Orsi Sebõk, Philippe Dupont, Paul Carter, Micke Andersson, Alex Jones, Michael Scheiber, Pascale Ranson, Cliff Docherty and Grant Whittingham c/o ABBAMAIL (no longer online).
YouTube clips c/o abba registrogabyroxette and czechclown

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