Filmed: September-ish 1986

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Broadcast: Sweden

Release status: Unreleased

Duration: 4:05

Shown in: Sweden

Additional information

Agnetha and Ola Håkansson (from the groups Ola & Janglers and Secret Service) are seen wandering around Ekerö and there are various shots of the seasons and Stockholm as well as plenty of snowy winter sports scenes.

The song was made for the film It's Time For Sweden, part of the Swedish bid for the 1992 Winter Olympics (which ended up being awarded to Albertville France).

There is an extended version of the PROMO video (approx 5:46) as well as the normal length version of the song (approx 4:14).

The promo film It's Time For Sweden was probably broadcast without the Agnetha and Ola parts.

Directed by Lars-G Karlsson and the clip was made by Lars-G Karlsson Producenterna AB, Stockholm, Sweden.

Here is a description by lyricist Tim Norell about how the song came about (info from Secret Service YouTube channel):

Tim Norell:
We were asked if we could create a real hit for the Swedish campaign for Olympic winter games 1992. Maybe Ola in a duet with some internationally known female artist? Ola called Agnetha Fältskog (ABBA) and asked. Yes, we were welcome to her home and play the imaginary song for her... I worked at the piano both day and night. Finally I got a ballad and a slightly more "up-tempo" song. I was still worried. None of them sounded like a battle song for Sweden. But Ola said: if we still do not get the Olympics, such a song is dead! Let's make hits instead! Ola and Alexander wrote lyrics while Anders and I started a feverish work in the studio, as usual with Mats "Limpan" Lindberg with his bandless bass. Some singer with Agnetha-like voice sang and so two demos were ready.

One evening Ola and I nervously went home to Agnetha in her large villa at Lidingö, with the two songs "The Way You Are" and "Fly Like The Eagle". Given the fame, I had expected a slightly unbearable diva, but Agnetha was warm and sweet and welcomed us. She received the cassette with both songs, listened and asked to keep it and then return as soon as she made her decision. Nervous days followed but then Ola called and announced that Agnetha had decided to do it! My heart beat twice… "But which of the songs?", I peeped. "Both" Ola said! She liked both songs equally…

The day Agnetha came to the studio is really worth a chapter. Agnetha slipped in like a beautiful goddess, asked for a high bar stool in front of the microphone stand and then sang so that the hair raised on all of us in the control room. Especially when she sang "you take me on", I almost died. She was brilliant! Inspired by her intensity, Ola also did one of his best song recordings ever, even though he sang in Agnetha's key that was actually too high for his voice.

Sadly Sweden did not get the Winter Olympics but the single "The Way You Are" with "Fly Like The Eagle" as b-side sold platinum in Sweden.

Both songs arranged and produced by Tim Norell, Ola Håkansson and Anders Hansson and with Secret service bassist Mats Lindberg on amazing fretless bass.

The Way You Are

Music: Tim Norell
Lyrics: Oson/Bard

You take me high out of the blue
You're by my side whenever I need you
The way you smile, the way you move
Why should I try
I can't get over you

All through the night you take me on
When we unite, I know where I belong
When winter rains I’ll be your friend
What we create may last until the end

And through the time that's passing by
I hope you'll always be you'll be forever
The way you are
The way you are

Where mountains rise I stand by you
My heart assigned like only lovers do

If we're apart I'll cross the sea
Don't close your heart this love was always free

And through the time that's passing by
I hope you'll always be you'll be forever
The way you are
The way you are
And if you leave
Don't go too far
In your beliefs
Just be the way you are
The way you are
The way you are

Thanks to Ian Cole, Pascale Ranson and YJ for information.
YouTube clip Secret Service

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