The Montreux Golden Rose Festival (AGNETHA)

Filmed: Friday 10 May 1985

Location: Casino, Montreux, Switzerland

Broadcast: See below for detailed info

Release status: Unreleased

Duration: 1:01:16 for the1st part+ 51:46 for the 2nd part

Shown in: Europe

Additional information

The Rose d’Or is one of the most important international festivals in entertainment television. It was founded in Montreux (Switzerland) in 1961. The Festival concludes with an Awards Ceremony at which Golden Roses for the best television entertainment programmes of the year are presented.

The whole event was taped for TV broadcast over four evenings from 8-11 May 1985.  Agnetha appeared on the stage on 10 May 1985 (from 20:30) and she performed One Way Love in a purple and yellow outfit. Agnetha was also seen backstage waiting with her bodyguard before going on stage. She was joined onstage by ABBA guitarist Lasse Wellander, bass player Rutger Gunnarsson and drummer Per Lindvall.  Agnetha could be heard right at the very end of the fade-out clearly singing live over the backing track.

Running order of the 1st part (including Agnetha):

  1. Elton John and Millie Jackson - Act of War
  2. Howard Jones - Life in One Day
  3. Shakatak - Down on the Street
  4. Paul Young - Tomb of Memories
  5. REO Speedwagon - One Lonely Night
  6. Men at Work - Everything I Need
  7. Agnetha - One Way Love
  8. Frankie Goes to Hollywood - Welcome to the Pleasure Dome
  9. Dépêche Mode - Shake the disease
  10. Huey Lewis & the News - Power of Love
  11. Tears for Fears - Head Over Heels
  12. Bronski Beat with Marc Almond - I Feel Love
  13. Duran Duran - Wild Boys and A View to a Kill

Running order of the 2nd part:

  1. Pointer Sisters - Dare Me
  2. Chris Rea - Josephine (I'll Send You All My Love)
  3. Dead or Alive - In Too Deep
  4. Kool and The Gang - Cherish
  5. Go West - Call Me
  6. Dire Straits - So Far Away
  7. Philip Bailey - Walking on the Chinese Wall
  8. Kenny Loggins - Vox Humana
  9. Talk Talk - Such a Shame
  10. Bryan Ferry - Slave To Love
  11. Culture Club - Karma Chameleon

The taped material is around 2 hours long. The programme was produced by Michael Hurll, for many years the producer of the UK's Top of The Pops programme.

There are pictures of Agnetha wearing an orange outfit at this venue as well although it's generally felt that these are from the rehearsals/soundcheck at which she performed I Won't Let You Go.  Click here for another, and another and another!

A danish press release dated 3 July 1985 mentioned that the second single from Eyes of a Woman would be One Way Love and that Agnetha had just been to Montreux where she performed 3 songs - One Way Love, I Won't Let You Go and The Angels Cry. There is no futher evidence of The Angels Cry being performed but that doesn't mean it wasn't - as either a rehearsal song or for the broadcast but left out.

Click here for a news listing from Carnet - 10 May 1985, p.27 (it listed the cultural events of that day in Montreux and it confirms Agnetha’s appearance on this event (ie. on 10 May 1985 from 20:30)
Click here for Norwegian broadcast, Altaposten - 25 May 1985, p.11.
Click here for UK broadcast, The Guardian (London) - 8 June 1985, p.26 (listing the following day's TV guide)
Click here for French broadcast, Nouvelliste -21 June 1985, p.5.
Click here for Switz broadcast, Nouvelliste - 29 June 1985, p.31.

Broadcast information:
Saturday 25 May 1985, 21:35-22:10, NRK, Norway (Roser frå Montreux)
Friday 7 June 1985, TV2, 23:25-00:25, Sweden (Popgala från Montreux)
Sunday 9 June 1985, 16:45-17:45, BBC1, UK (The Montreux Rock Festival)
Friday 21 June 1985, 00:05-01:05 (the 2nd part on 6 July 1985) Antenne 2, France
Saturday 29 June 1985, 16:40-17:40, (the 2nd part on 1 July 1985) TSR, Switzerland
Saturday 20 July 1985, 19:12-20:10, AVRO Netherlands

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One Way Love
Jeff Lynne

One way love - it never sleeps, it just grows deeper
One way love - it pulls you in, it takes you down
And I wish I knew what I had to do
To get into your life, to get close to you
But, baby, it's a one way love.

One way love, if you could only see me as I see you
One way love, you'd feel the way I feel tonight
And I can't go on living other lives
Making other plans to keep the tears from my eyes
Oh, baby, it's a one way love.

So don't turn away, and don't say it's over
I'm falling like I never knew
And I can't pretend, for I keep remembering
Everything that we've been through.

One way love - it lives in shadows, cold and lonely
One way love - it lives alone, it breaks your heart
And I don't know how I can take the pain
Hurting over, and over, and over again
And, baby, it's a one way love.

So don't turn away, and don't say it's over
I'm falling like I never knew
And I can't pretend, for I keep remembering
Everything that we've been through
One way love.

Oh, baby, it's a one way love
And I can't go on living other lives
Making other plans to keep the tears from my eyes
And, baby, it's a one way love
One way love
It's a one way love
Mmm, one way love
A one way love
It's a one way love
Yeah, one way love
A one way love
It's a one way love

© Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

Agnetha wore the purple and yellow outfit just once - on this programme.

Archive data from Swedish Media Database:
SVT, TV2 1985-06-07
Fullständig tablå
23.25-00.25 Popgala från Montreux.
Tablåinnehåll Del 2 av 2. Brian Ferry. Billy Ocean. Dire Straits. Culture Club. Howard Jones. Agnetha Fältskog. Depeche Mode. Frankie goes to Hollywood. M fl.
År/datum 1985-06-07
Kanal SVT2
Utgivning Stockholm : SVT, TV2
Utgivningsland Sverige
VHS TV85-2382
1 tum B LP TVB85-2125
MPEG-2 YA_TV85-2382

Archive data from French TVs’ database:
Informations générales
N° de notice : CPB86009751
Titre : Spécial fête de la musique
Titre de la tranche horaire : Les enfants du rock
Collection : A2 / France 2
Générique et auteurs : Réalisateur, Hurll, Michael ; Producteur, Hurll, Michael ; Interprète, John, Elton ; Interprète, Jackson, Millie ; Interprète, Shakatac-groupe ; Interprète, Young, Paul ; Interprète, Reo Speedwagon-groupe ; Interprète, Men at Work ; Interprète, Agnetha ; Interprète, Frankie goes to Hollywood-groupe ; Interprète, Depeche Mode-groupe ; Interprète, Huey Lewis and the News-groupe ; Interprète, Tears for Fears-groupe ; Interprète, Bronski, Beat ; Interprète, Duran Duran-groupe ; Interprète, Jones, Howard
Descripteurs : rock and roll ; concert ; Montreux ; festival (festival de la rose d'or)
Date de 1re diffusion : vendredi 21/06/1985
Durée : 01:01:00
Résumé / Description de l'extrait : Première partie du concert de rock and roll du Festival de la Rose d'or de Montreux donné en mai 1985, auquel participaient les groupes les plus prestigieux du rock.
Oeuvres : Elton John + Millie Jackson interprètent "Act of war". Howard Jones joue "Life in on day". Shakatac joue "Down on the street". Paul Young joue "Down on the memories". Reo Speedwagon joue "One lonely night". Men at work joue "Everything of need". Agnetha joue "A one way love". Frankie goes to Hollywood joue "Pleasure done". Depeche mode joue "Shake the disease". Huey Lewis and the News joue "Power of love". Tears for fears joue "Head over heels". Bronski Beat joue "I feel love". Duran Duran joue "A view to kill" (musique du film "James Bond").
Informations de classement
Type d'archive : Archive non thématisée
Type d'émission : Production
Type de notice : Notice isolée
Genre : Retransmission
Thématique : Musique
Date de modification : 21/08/2013
Informations de production
Producteurs (rôle, lieu, nom, sigle, année) : Producteur, Paris : Antenne 2 (A2), 1985 ; Producteur, Berne : Société Suisse de Radiodiffusion et Télévision (SSR), 1985
Nature de production : Coproduction
Informations de diffusion
Heure : 00H 58MIN 00SEC
Société de programmes : France 2
Canal de diffusion : 2eme chaîne
Statut de diffusion : Diffusé
Informations techniques
Statut du matériel : Numérisé


Archive data from Beeld en Geluid:
Document ID 63651
Publicaties televisie; 20-07-1985; AVRO; 60'12''
Schone inlas Niet aanwezig
Samenvatting Muziekprogramma vanuit Montreux (mei 1985) met diverse
Kleur kleur
Genre muziekuitvoering, muziekuitvoering
Trefwoorden popmuziek
Personen Almond, Marc; Fältskog, Agnetha; Jackson, Millie; John, Elton; Jones, Howard; Young, Paul;
Geografische namen Montreux; Zwitserland
Namen Bronski Beat; Depêche Mode; Duran Duran; Frankie Goes To Hollywood; Huey Lewis & the News; Men at Work; REO Speedwagon; Shakatak; Tears for Fears
Makers Archer, Gilly (regie)
Banks, Neil (regie)
Hurll, Michael (productie)
Mex, Claude (montage)
Vodoz, Eric (regie)
Beoogd medium televisie
Beschrijving 00:01:46 - 00:03:29
00:03:50 - 00:08:39
Elton John en Millie Jackson met het nummer "Act of War".
00:08:54 - 00:12:51
Howard Jones met het nummer "Life in one day".
00:12:54 - 00:16:13
Shakatak met het nummer "Down on the street".
00:16:40 - 00:20:15
Paul Young met het nummer "Tomb of memories".
00:20:40 - 00:23:58
Reo Speedwagon met het nummer "One lonely night".
00:24:08 - 00:27:41
Men at Work met het nummer "Everything I need".
00:27:50 - 00:31:14
Agnetha met het nummer "One way love".
00:31:29 - 00:36:29
Frankie goes to Hollywood met het nummer "Pleasure".
00:37:08 - 00:41:34
Depeche Mode met het nummer "Shake the disease".
00:41:47 - 00:45:34
Huey Lewis & the News met het nummer "Power of love".
00:45:41 - 00:49:55
Tears for Fears met het nummer "Head over heels".
00:50:06 - 00:56:46
Bronski Beat met Marc Almond met het nummer "I feel love".
00:57:06 - 01:00:46
Duran Duran met het nummer "A view to a kill".
01:01:09 - 01:01:58
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