Glädjehuset (FRIDA)

Filmed: Friday 28 September 1984

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Broadcast: Friday 28 September 1984, SVT, Sweden

Release status: One Little Lie released on the Frida Box Set

Duration: 7:03

Shown in: Sweden

Additional information

Glädjehuset = Joy House

Frida performed One Little Lie  then talked about the new album, Shine, and her plans for another one the following year (which as it turned out, never happened) and the Shine PROMO was shown.

The interviewer was Agneta Askelöf.  The co-host, Lisa Rennerstedt, may also have interviewed her.  This can only be clarified when/if the interview footage surfaces.

Release information:
One Little Lie (not the interview) has been officially released on the Frida DVD boxset (in widescreen format)

One Little Lie

I hear the lines on the telegraph
Buzz in my head
I have to shut them out
My ears to the ground
But I try to stand up
And straighten out
Forget my doubt
'Cause I couldn't bear to lose you
You're the only one I care for
But I can't lock out the rumours
I shut my eyes so I won't see because

One little lie can go a long way (one little lie)
One little lie can go a long way (one little lie)
Would I learn to trust again some day

I try to ask but my tongue gets tied
When I guess the answer
If you turned you head away from me
I know I'd stand there forever
Caught out in time by a line
That I wanted you to deny
And you'd laugh and laugh 'till I cried and cried
I can't shut out the rumours
Burning inside me all the time

One little lie can go a long way (one little lie)
One little lie can go a long way (one little lie)
Would I learn to trust again some day

Every day turning away
I feel something new
If I can't put my trust in you then
We've got nothing worth hanging on to
It's hard to talk sometimes now
You seem so far away
Am I losing my mind

Air Chrysalis Scandinavia AB

Archive data from Swedish Media Database:
SVT2 1984-09-28
Fullständig tablå
20.00 Glädjehuset
Tablåinnehåll (del ett av tio). TVB84-2176
År/datum 1984-09-28
Kanal SVT2
Utgivning Stockholm : SVT, TV2
Utgivningsland Sverige
VHS TV85-0668
Antal enheter 1
Arkivnummer TV85-0668
1 tum B LP TVB84-2176
Antal enheter 1
Ljud stereo
Färg färg
Mått 1 tum
Leverantör SVT
Arkivnummer TVB84-2176
MPEG-2 YA_TV85-0668

Information and pictures from Intermezzo No.8 and  Thanks to Mohammed, Carl Magnus Palm and Jozsef.
YouTube clip c/o ravenwhitechapel

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