Lørdagssirkuset (FRIDA)

Filmed: Saturday 8 September 1984

Location: NRK Studio, Oslo, Norway

Broadcast: Saturday 8 September 1984, LIVE, 21:50-22:40, NRK1, , Norway

Release status: Unreleased

Duration: 52:39

Shown in: Norway

Additional information

Lørdagssirkuset = Saturday Circus

Frida performed Shine, was interviewed and then performed Come To Me (I Am Woman).

Running order of the show hosted by Turi Tarjem and Rita Westvik:

  1. Frida - Shine and interview 
  2. Maria Shriver’s report about the look-a-like people meeting in Hollywood
  3. Dynasty TV series dubbed in Italian (Emmanuela and Roberto)
  4. Horoscopes
  5. Clips from Great Garlic Girls show in Casablanca
  6. Report about Moteuken 1984
  7. Chat with Harald Heide-Steen from Little Shop of Horrors
  8. Olav Høgetveit meets Frode Rasmussen from première Cyrano de Bergerac
  9. Cooking with Heide-Steen, Ivo Caprino and Valente
  10. Frida - Come to Me (I am Woman)
  11. Film scene from Charlie Chaplin's Modern Times
  12. Closing scene

Click here for a TV listing from Hardanger - 8 September 1984, p.11.

Broadcast information:
Saturday 8 September 1984, LIVE, 21:50-22:40, NRK1, Norway
This programme was available to view on the NRK website (but has since been removed).

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