Show Express (FRIDA)

Filmed: Thursday 9 September 1982

Location: Freiheitshalle, Kulmbacher Straße 4, Hof, German

Broadcast: Thursday 9 September 1982, LIVE, 19:30-21:00, ZDF, Germany

Release status: Unreleased

Duration: 1:27:00 for entire programme, 8:25 for Frida bits

Shown in: Germany

Additional information

In 1968 ZDF Television launched a new music spectacular entitled Star Parade. The James Last Orchestra were residents for the 50 shows produced. 

James Last's Star Parade 'morphed' into Show Express and started in September 1980. In the 90-minute production featuring The James Last Orchestra, national and international stars and some new ideas (TV ballet, news from music and show business, film clips). The series included nine live episodes:

  1. 25 September 1980 Düsseldorf (Philipshalle)
  2. 27 November 1980 Hof (Freiheitshalle)
  3. 12 March 1981 Saarbrücken (Saarlandhalle)
  4. 04 June 1981 Düsseldorf (Philipshalle)
  5. 10 September 1981 Berlin (Deutschlandhalle)
  6. 29 October 1981 Bremen (Stadthalle)
  7. 25 March 1982 Böblingen (Sporthalle)
  8. 09 September 1982 Hof (Freiheitshalle)
  9. 11 November 1982 Saarbrücken (Saarlandhalle)

In this episode some moments of the 27 Novemer 1980 edition of Show Express were shown, then Frida performed I Know There's Something Going On and Baby Don't You Cry No More and was briefly interviewed between the songs by the host Michael Schanze.

Running order of this Episode:

  1. James Last Orchestra - opening scene
  2. Combo Colossale - Puppen weinen nicht
  3. Hubert Kah - Sternenhimmel
  4. Precious Wilson - I Don't Know
  5. Show News including debut of Pink Floyd film The Wall
  6. Mireille Mathieu - New York, New York
  7. James Last Orchestra - Cotton James
  8. Kevin Johnson - Rock and Roll, Night Rider
  9. Gitte Hænning - Der Anruf
  10. Vicky Leandros - Verlorenes Paradies
  11. James Last Orchestra & Horea Crishan - Paradiesvogel
  12. Ballet scene - Just illusion
  13. Frida - I know There's Something Going On and Baby Don't You Cry No More
  14. Mireille Mathieu - Die Liebe zu dir
  15. James Last Orchestra - closing scene

As reported in September 1982's Bravo: "Frida arrived by private jet from Frankfurt and performed from recently released album for the first time live. Immediately after the broadcast, Anni-Frid and her entourage boarded the plane again that took them back to Frankfurt". After the show Frida received the third Otto-prize for ABBA as the third best group in West Germany in 1981.

Click here for a TV listing from de Stem 9 September 1982, p.5

Broadcast information
Thursday 9 September 1982, LIVE, 19:30-21:00, ZDF, Germany
Rebroadcast on ABBA-Kultnacht on Saturday 2 November 2002, Germany

Thanks to Jozsef, Alex Jones, Jan Bach, Dustin and Jos Heselmans for clarification.
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