Something Going On - The Making Of A Record Album (FRIDA)

Filmed: Monday 15 February - Wednesday 31 March 1982

Location: Polar Music Studios, Stockholm; Polar Music offices, Stockholm; Air Studios, London

Release status: Released on the Frida Box Set

Shown in: UK

Additional information

Directed by Stuart Orme & Peter Mackey, this documentary featured interviews with Frida, Phil Collins and his musicians through rehearsals and recording at the Polar Studios in Stockholm and Air Studios in London.

Frida was seen trying out a new song Shot Down In Action although the song was never used. The song was written especially for Frida by Swedish songwriters Caj Högberg and Bengt Palmers. Caj has been in the business for a long time, writing songs and touring with many Swedish artists, including ABBA. Bengt is very well-known and has worked with the likes of Harpo and Björn Skifs as a producer and songwriter.

Frida was also seen chatting and lunching with Paul McCartney (who frankly pays her more attention than her own producer ....).

Benny and Björn talked briefly about the contribution of a song to the album (they were too late for Something's Going On but did contribute Slowly to her next solo album, Shine).

I hate to see the sadness and vulnerability in Frida in this documentary. Many times she looks like she just wants to burst into tears and seems very alone amongst Phil Collins and his pals - mostly standing in the background with seemingly no confidence.

Note that the official releases of the documentary do not show the programme title, nor Frida leaving he apartment (images 1-3 above), which were included in the original broadcast.

Release information:
The documentary was officially released on the Frida Box Set in 2005.
The documentary was also included in 2015 on the Limied Edition CD/DVD Something's Going On.



You made me look into your eyes
and made this fool all hypnotized
So I gave in, you took control
How could I know you'd turn so cold
In my heart you were part of my destiny
in my eyes you were all I could see

Ooooh - shot down in action
why take me up if you're just letting me down
Ooooh - shot down in action
You turned away and now I'm hitting the ground

I couldn't run, I couldn't hide
from all the pain I felt inside
You turned me on, you gave me more
than anything I had before
How could you ever treat me so thoughtlessly
how could you ever do that to me

Ooooh - shot down in action
why take me up if you're just letting me down
Ooooh - shot down in action
You turned away and now I'm hitting the ground

Words and music:

Thanks to Trent Nickson,, Gabriela Gabgoar, Bob & Jenny Johann and Trijnie Dikema.
Information about Shot Down In Action c/o Grant Whittingham via ABBAMAIL (no longer online).
YouTube links c/o ABBA Videoedits

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