Filmed: Sunday 28 October 1979

Location: Hallenstadion, Zurich, Switzerland

Broadcast: Monday 29 October 1979, 18:00-18:45, SRF, Switzerland

Release status: This programme has not been included on any officially released video or DVD

Duration: 11:25

Shown in: Switzerland

Additional information

Karussell was a 45-minute long information and service program, produced and broadcast by Switzerland's public TV channel SRF, between 5 April 1977 and 10 June 1988. The program host for this episode was Urs Emmenegger.

The SRF TV crew followed Swiss fan Claudia from her home (where her room was full of ABBA posters) to witness ABBA's arrival and then to the concert. There's a clip of ABBA getting out of a mini-bus en route to the concert venue. Claudia was shown talking to Benny and Björn backstage, before the concert. It also featured footage of them live with Claudia in the audience.

The clip showed a small part of Voulez Vous and  If It Wasn't For The Nights live.

There is a back-story to this clip.  The Swiss tabloid newspaper Blick carried a story about "Switzerland's biggest ABBA fan" who was not able to get a ticket for their only Swiss show in Zurich on 28 October 1979. The story was picked up by the journalists of Karrussell who filmed Claudia meeting with Björn and Benny before the Zurich show and at the concert.  The whole report was broadcast the following day on Monday 29 October 1979.  Click here for an picture from Blick which accompanied the story.



Archive data from SRF database:
Sendedatum 29.10.1979 (DRS)
Beitragstitel ABBA-Fan
Produktionsart Eigenproduktion UE
Rechte Rechte bei SRF/SRG
Redaktion Vorabendmagazin

Thanks to Philip Muytjens, Eric Langner, CM (RIP), Carl Magnus Palm, Adrian Keller, Dean Morrison and Jozsef.

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