CBC News

Filmed: Monday 10 - Thursday 13 September 1979

Location: Edmonton, Canada

Release status: This programme has not been included on any officially released video or DVD

Duration: 1:30 (+ 6 minutes unaired segment)

Shown in: Friday 14 September 1979, CBC, Canada

Additional information

A news report (summary) by Christopher Walmsley, showing ABBA's arrival at Edmonton International Airport on Monday 10 September 1979 and travelling by car into the town to the Four Seasons Hotel.

It mentioned the News Final interview and showed a snippet of concert in Edmonton Sports Arena on Thursday 13 September at 20:00 (where fans were waiting outside) and a brief summary of the press conference after the concert.

There is about 6 minutes extra unaired footage in CBC's archive which contains more scenes about the airport arrival, travelling and entering the hotel. *

A programme called ABBA Choice on Tuesday 11 September 1979 on CBC showed a short segment when the group were travelling en route by limousine.

* Extra footage emerged online 30 years after ABBA were n Edmonton from the CBC archives - one segment shows a milli-second of Frida during Why Did It Have To Be Me wearing Canadian ice hockey player Wayne Gretzky's No. 99 shirt and there was a brief interview with Wayne Gretzky saying how he felt on seeing it.  A second clip showed ABBA taking to the stage for their Edmonton press conference and a few short words from Benny.  Agnetha looked sensational.

When Frida, Benny and Agnetha stepped out from the arrivals gate and met the Canadian press, Benny said that Björn would be late by some minutes which was why he could not be seen with the rest of ABBA at that moment.  He finally appeared for a moment sitting near Agnetha in one of the cars as they left the airport.

Thanks to Jozsef and Brendan Jenkins. Extra thanks to Pascale Ranson, Monique Hoevens, Diego Abrantes and Ian Messer c/o ABBAtalk.

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