The Basil Brush Show

Filmed: Never appeared in person

Broadcast: 20 November and 26 November 1976

Shown in: UK

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I am including this here to clear up a few misconceptions.  ABBA never appeared on The Basil Brush Show in person.

The misconception probably comes from the fact that it was so long ago and we were all just little kids ourselves with memories wanting to believe they were on the show - and none of us had video recorders back then to prove it one way or the other.  Another thing to fuel this misconception is that they were pictured with Basil during their promotional trip (for Arrival) to London in November 1976 around the time when they could have appeared on the show.

ABBA did appear on the show, just not in person.  Their appearances were:

  1. Money, Money, Money - the performance from ABBA-dabba-dooo!! (in the 1920s outfits)
  2. The Name of the Game - the PROMO video was shown in 1977.

The reason I know this is because the National Film Theatre in London held an ABBA at the BBC evening around 1993/1994 and The Basil Brush Show was on the list of appearances to be shown.  When it turned out to be just the two songs mentioned above, it was naturally very disappointing.

However, an ABBA on TV regular tells me, "I was surprised to read on your site that ABBA were not on The Basil Brush Show. I can confirm that they definitely were. Forget what the BBC may have told you. They've been wrong on this kind of thing before. ABBA performed Dancing Queen in August or September 1976. I remember distinctly as it was the first time I'd heard it. Hopefully this will turn up one day."

Personally I am not convinced they did and believe the two performances listed above are what was shown - as indicated by BBC listings.  But I would be very happy to be corrected to the contrary together with an image of their unique The Basil Brush Show appearance.

Thanks to Richard Cogzell

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