Especial Nochebuena '76 & La Hora de Lina Morgan

Filmed: early June 1976

Location: Estudios de Prado del Rey, Madrid, Spain

Broadcast: Friday 24 December 1976, 21:05-24:00, RTVE, Spain and see below for further info

Release status: This programme has not been included on any officially released video or DVD

Duration: 6 minutes

Shown in: Spain

Additional information

Especial Nochebuena 76 = Special Christmas Eve 76

This was ABBA's first visit to Spain since the 1974 incident on ¡Señoras y Señores!.  According to Record World, January 1977, in a summary of the year of 1976 in Spain: "JUNE Sweden's top group ABBA came to Spain for a TV performance, coinciding with the launching of their single, "Fernando," which afterward became one of the most popular records in Spain during the summer."

ABBA performed for RTVE two songs to playback:

  1. Waterloo
    performed in front of large posters of themselves and was one verse only (two choruses)
    first broadcast on 2 June 1976 on La Hora de Lina Morgan (The Lina Morgan hour)
    Click here for the full programme
    Given the broadcast date, I have changed the filming date to late May rather than the previous thought of "late November 76"

  2. Fernando
    performed on wicker chairs
    first broadcast on 24 December 1976, 21:05-24:00 on a programme called Especial Nochebuena 76 (Christmas Eve Special 76), a TV special featuring a wide selection of the main musical performances of the year.
    Click here for the full programme

This was the last outing for the blue satin suits, a year after their first appearance.

During Fernando, some familiar-looking wicker chairs were used - the same that was used for Elsa Baeza (performing Junto al mar) in ¡Señoras y Señores! and also an Aplauso episode on 31 December 1981.  This gives us a clue that ABBA did go to Spain, rather than record the two performances in Sweden as previously thought.

Until now, both songs were thought to have been broadcast on a programme called La Noche de Lina Morgan, airing on 31 December 1976. However, there is no programme of that name in in the TV guide of the time.  There was a programme named La Noche de Lina Morgan which was broadcast on TRVE in 1995-96 which repeated the clips.

A TV guide for ABC (Madrid) for the period 24 December 1976, p.94 ABC (Madrid) - 31 December 1976, on p.93 lists the TV programme Especial Nochebuena 76 at 21:05-24:00 (ie. not La Noche de lina Morgan).

A TV guide for ABC (Madrid) - 31 December 1976, p.93 also lists the programme Especial Nochevieja (again no La Noche de Lina Morgan).

The clips were re-broadcast on Canal Nostalgia around 2005, Spain.



Blue satin suits

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