För runt för fyra (BJÖRN)

Filmed: March 1966

Broadcast: Tuesday 22 March 1966, 19.30–20.00, Sweden

Release status: Unreleased

Shown in: Sweden

Additional information

För runt för fyra = Too round for four

The Hootenanny Singers performed four songs (Gabrielle, Finns det liv så finns det hopp, No Time and Vildandens Klagan).

The other acts in the show were the other most successful Swedish groups at that time: Family Four, Sten & Stanley and Sven-Ingvars.  Note that the Hootenanny Singers are wearing the same clothes as featured on their EP No Time which also featured another song performed on this show Finns det liv så finns det hopp.

Click here for a TV listing from Arbeiderbladet - 22 March 1966, p.17.

Broadcast information:
Tuesday 22 March 1966, 19.30–20.00, Sweden
Thursday 30 March 1966, Sweden (repeated).


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Thanks to Peter Palmquist, Jozsef and Carl Magnus Palm. Extra thanks to Bettan Granström, Tonny Roth, Thom Hase c/o The Hootenanny Singers (Björn, Tonny, Hansi and Johan) on Facebook Group.
Photograph by Roger Tillberg.

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