4-3-2-1 Hot & Sweet Musik für junge Leute (BJÖRN)

Filmed: Late November - early December 1966

Location: West Germany (assumed)

Broadcast: 10 December 1966, ZDF, West Germany

Release status: Unreleased

Duration: Unknown

Shown in: West Germany

Additional information

4-3-2-1 Hot & Sweet Musik für junge Leute = 4-3-2-1 Hot & Sweet Music for Young People

According to Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet, The Hootenanny Singers appeared on German TV (ZDF) on 10 December 1966 on this show which was a forerunner of the Disco series and a competitor of Beat Club.  Their appearance was apparently pre-recorded.

Click here for the newspaper article.  Note that the programme name had been shortened to Musik für junge Leute.  The headline reads, "Tonight 25 million Germans (!) will hear The Hootenanny Singers“.

We can assume it was broadcast but cannot be certain as the entire series seems to have been erased from the archives.


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