Allsång på Skansen

Filming 5th August 2008
Location Skansen, Stockholm, Sweden
Broadcast SVT, Sweden

BAO! appeared on the final show of the 2008 series.

BAO! opened with "Du är min man" which host Anders Lundin pointed out now has spent 217 weeks on Svensktoppen.

A bit later then then performed "Nu mår jag mycket bättre" and Benny was interviewed briefly followed by leading the sing-a-long "En gång jag seglar i hamn" (One Time I Sail Into Port) sung by Helen and Tommy with Benny on piano. The song was written by Benny's friend Stig Olin who recently died.

There was also a sing-a-long of Mamma Mia in Swedish by the crowd followed by "Super Trouper" performed by Gunilla Backman, Charlotte Strandberg and Sussie Eriksson from the Swedish cast of "Mamma Mia!". Gunilla Backman then sang
"Tack för alla sånger" (Thank You For The Music) accompanied by Benny on the piano.

View it (and previous programmes in the series) here (opens in new window)
"Du är min man" at 3.33
"Nu mår jag mycket bättre" interview and "En gång jag seglar i hamn"starts at 27.31

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