Här är Ditt Liv (This Is Your Life) - Stikkan Anderson

Filmed Saturday, 18 January 1986
Location Malmö, Sweden
Broadcast Saturday, 18 January 1986, SVT1, 7.30pm, LIVE, Sweden
Released This programme has not been included on any officially released video or DVD
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'Här är ditt liv', the Swedish 'This is Your Life,' was a series on SVT between 11 January 1980 and 12 September 2009.  Between 1980-1991 it was produced from Malmö and each episode was 90 minutes long.

Stig Anderson was the guest on 18 January 1986 and ABBA's performance of Tivedshambo recorded a couple of days earlier was shown.

Guests on the programme included Stig's wife Gudrun, John Spalding, Svenne & Lotta, Lukas Bonnier (a Swedish publisher), Görel Hanser and Lena Anderson. Lill-Babs sent a recorded message.

Björn and Benny hastily flew to appear on the show in person.

The show's presenter was Lasse Holmqvist.

The whole show can be seen via SVT's Open Archive (but probably only in Sweden)

                                Svenne & Lotta                                                                  Benny & Björn                                                                         Görel Hanser

                              Lena Andersson                                                                     John Spalding                                                           Gudrun Anderson

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