Na Sowas Extra!       

Filmed 28 November 1984 at 7.30pm
Location Sports Hall, Augsberg (just outside Munich) Germany
Broadcast 28 November 1984, ZDF, Germany (was either LIVE or pre-recorded 2 or 2 hours before broadcast time).
Released This clip has not been included on any officially released video or DVD
Notes 28th November, not 29th November as previously noted.

Frida performed "Come To Me (I Am Woman)" and was interviewed by Tommy Gottschalk. Benny and Björn were then introduced.  A clip of "Merano" was shown from "Chess In Concert" and Frida was replaced by Tim Rice.  Then, along with Karin Glenmark, Benny, Björn and Frida provided backing vocals to Murray Head's "One Night In Bangkok" (not live).

According to ABBA by Micke who was at the recording:
Frida's father, Alfred Haase, was there with his wife and daughter. At the first dress rehearsal Frida and Karin Glenmark did the backing vocals for "One Night in Bangkok" Benny and Björn would join them during the live broadcast. After a short break Frida continued the rehearsal with her latest single, "Come To Me", but there was an interruption after the first verse because one of the spotlights had been incorrectly placed. Everything started from the beginning again, but this time her son was interrupted after the introduction ... and this repeated itself again and again. Even though playback was being used for the performance, she sang every time. In the evening, there was a dress rehearsal for the whole show with an audience present and, this time, it all went like clock-work. The audience and the production team were all very happy. The presenter of the show then explained to Frida that during the live broadcast, she would go to a group of armchairs and a sofa where she was to be interviewed with Benny and Björn. "One Night in Bangkok" was then performed by Murray Head.

Running order of the show:
1. Children's choir performing a Beatles medley
2. Julian Lennon - Too late for Goodbyes
3. Interview with Julian Lennon, Rene Bull ?, Anthony Delon and Ron Regen ?
4. Boney M - Rivers of Babylon and Everybody (performed with children)
5. Archive footage of different Beatles performances and interview with Beatles fans
6. The Lords - Poor Boy
7. Cooking item
8. Dalida - ?
9. Interview with Jürgen Hingsen (German decathlete)
10. Frida - Come to me
11. interview Frida, Björn & Benny
12. interview Tim Rice, Björn & Benny
13. Murray Head - One night in Bangkok
14. Interview with Boy George and then he performs The War Song

    Come to Me (I Am Woman)                                      One Night in Bangkok

Duration Full running time 1:26:30
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Transcript Frida interview:

Tommy Gottschalk: Are you hoping for an ABBA comeback soon?
Frida: I am very happy alone and successful, in a way, but I would be very glad of course to be on stage again with the group and to make a new record sometime in the future when It would be suitable for all of us. That I can’t have the same success as with ABBA is true and I don’t try to achieve that. But I want to continue with my professional work which I love so much as long as I can. Then it doesn’t matter if I sell as many records as ABBA. I’m doing what I enjoy the most.
TG: I’ve watched you at the Chess première, it was great to see how enthusiastic you’ve been
F: Yes, it was a very emotional evening for me. I like the musical very much because Bjorn and Benny had a lot of work with it. And I think the result is absolutely fantastic, great!

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Information from Intermezzo No.8
Thanks also to Alex Jones, Jan Bach, Ronnie Mehlis and Jozsef
Special thanks to ABBA by Micke for extra information
YouTube links c/o swissprincess1974 and 2Shaymcn