Filmed 1983
Location Stockholm, Sweden
Released This clip has not been included on any officially released video or DVD
Notes Agnetha appeared in a second film in 1983 (the first being "Raskenstam", released at the start of 1983 although filmed in 1982), but only on the soundtrack.

She recorded two new songs for the film "P&B", a remake of the 1933 Swedish film "Pettersson & Bendel". The two songs were of course "P&B" and "It's So Nice To Be Rich", both of which are featured in the film - a black comedy action thriller about two chancers in Stockholm trying to make big money as quickly as possible - and ultimately succeeding.

Written and directed by Hans Alfredsson, the lead role of Petersson was played by Stellan SkarsgŚrd (who played "Bill Andersson" in Mamma Mia! The Movie!) with Allan Edwall playing Bendel. The film also featured Swedish singer Lill Lindfors as Agda. The film was released in Sweden on 10th December 1983.

Agnetha appears very briefly in the PROMO for the song "P&B" which mainly features scenes from the film.  Also featured in the video is ABBA bassist and music producer Rutger Gunnarsson and a mystery man (is it Paris Edvinsson?)

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Credits Information from ABBA Report, Issue 18
Special thanks to Jozsef, Philip Muytjens, Jan Bach and Julian Koerner
YouTube link c/o Brightnights1