Hova's Witness

(a name-play with "Jehovah's Witness" - the religious sect. Hova is the small town in Sweden where Stig was born, situated in the western province of Västergötland).


From Hova came

There a country bumpkin with a good beat dragged and struggled and scampered

And so later on,

on major and minor (key)

He became richer than a troll

Now his days are filled with heavy decisions

Lukas (Stig's dog) must go out

The driveway must be salted (the way to Stig's house "Villa Ek backen" was quite high and to make it possible to walk on it during winter, it needed to be salted)

The sausage shall boil (Stig's favourite dish!)

Lukas must go out


The witness of Hova

The voice of "Knallarna" (nickname for the country salesman from Västergötland)

The voice of Västergötland on earth

A singer's heart beats in your chest

The pen is glowing

The words fly up (this line is taken from a Swedish poem)

Quick heels are still beating (ie. you're still very young)

You are like a jehu (ie. A fast-moving object)

Hova's Witness never gives in

Hovas Witness

Full speed ahead, the flap to the top (Stig got a flagpole as a birthday present!)


At a party of yours

When you're sitting and feeling the best

You hear something buzzing

Your vacuum cleaner protest (when Stig thought a party was too loud or messy or gone on too long, he would start to tidy the place up and hoover!)

From your Parnassus (homeland of the goddess of song)

You take the plane First Class

Djurgården - Honolulu (Djurgården is the Stockholm island where Stig lived)

And if you get there

As planned

Your luggage is in Rome and Gudrun (Stig's wife) in Amsterdam!


We and you are straw and clay (ie. we stick together)

Full speed backwards

Hova's witness no matter what happens

"Sticket" Stikkan (a "stick" is same melody but half a tone higher)

It has a right to be there this time

Even though you think the song is getting too long (Stig thought that a song should never be longer than 4 minutes if it was going to be a hit)

Sticket Stikkan

We have written in the belief

You'll be pleased if we raise

Half a tone (another thing Stig thought was necessary for a hit record).