People's Choice Awards


Filmed 8 August 1981
Location Polar Music Studios, Sweden
Broadcast LIVE on US TV (NBC from Las Vegas)
Released This clip has not been included on any officially released video or DVD

ABBA interviewed live by satellite following their award for Best Vocal Group of 1981 by The American Guild of Variety Artists. The host was Tony Orlando.  (The award was actually collected by Stig Anderson and John Spalding who were in New York at the time).

The award appears to be nicknamed a "Georgy"! (can anyone confirm this - and its origins?)

Watch Out For  
Transcript Host: ".........Here from across the Atlantic is ABBA".
('On and On and On' plays from 1980's Show Express.)
Host:  here they are accepting their "Georgy"
From Polar:
Benny: "Hello Michael (THE HOST WAS TONY ORLANDO!) and hello everybody watching this show. I'm Benny".
Frida: "I'm Frida".
Agnetha: "I'm Agnetha".
Bjorn: "And I'm Bjorn. We're very sorry that we can't be with you tonight but I think you'll understand it's a long way between Stockholm and Los Angeles, and unfortunately we happen to be right in the middle of recording out new album. But anyway I wanna tell you that it's truly a fantastic feeling being here in Stockholm recording this message for you, knowing that we've been given such a magnificent award from you. And I've had a look into the list pf who the other award winning people are and it's a great honour for us to be a member of that gang. Thank you very much and I do hope that nest year we'll be able to come in person to collect next year's award"
Host: "ABBA is back in Sweden, home to some of the most beautiful girls in the world, so I intend to go to Sweden and deliver this one in person".
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Some information from ABBA Magazine No.38. Thanks to Mark Walton & Pepe Milton for information. Thanks also to Philip Muytjens and Sam Shervz.
Extra thanks to Jozsef
YouTube link c/o thepiperchile