Filmed 28 May 1979
Location Madrid, Spain
Broadcast Spain. 1979 and again on Canal Nostalgia on 1st July 2004 at 18.05
Released This programme has not been included on any officially released video or DVD
Notes Introduced by Silvia Tortosa, ABBA performed:-

Does Your Mother Know
Chiquitita (Spanish)
Voulez Vous

and are presented with a Gold disc for sales of "Chiquitita" in Spanish. They were presented the disc by Jose Luis Uribarri.

Agnetha and Frida read the spanish lyrics for Chiquitita from giant posters being held up for them by the crew.

Recording finished at 8pm and their flight back to Sweden was at 8.30pm so the group didn't change their stage outfits in the studios.

            "Does Your Mother Know"                                                       "Chiquitita" (Spanish)                               "Voulez Vous"

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Lyrics Jose Luis Uribarri: "Great! Congratulations, Björn, Agnetha, Anni-Frid and Benny. Welcome ABBA to Aplauso. On behalf of your record company you are given this Golden Disc for sales of "Chiquitita".
Frida: "Thank you" (in spanish)
Björn: "Thank you very much to Aplauso" (in spanish)
JLU: "You speak Spanish perfectly well
BU: "Thank you"
JLU: "Finally, which song are you going to sing now on this Aplauso special?"
BU: "A new song called "Voulez Vous"" (in spanish)
JLU: "Voulez Vous, a golden disc and a big applause for ABBA!"
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Credits Thanks to Robin Andersson c/o ABBAMAIL  Extra information from Intermezzo Magazine No.42 (thank you to Regina Grafunder), Erik Liebstader and Sam Shervz.
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