Money Money Money PROMO

Filmed 18 September 1976
Location SVT Studios and streets of Stockholm, Sweden (This part was at Slussen and this bit was filmed on the centralbron joining Gamla Stan to Södermalm).

After two enormous world-wide hits, money was now no object so this PROMO featured basic special effects

Watch Out For

Frida getting bird shit on her nose - or what else is it or could be?!  As the camera closes in on Frida laughing in the car just before the first chorus, the final frame only has a white something appear on Frida's nose - for one frame only!  You don't actually see it on the PROMO unless you are eagle-eyed and have your nose up to the screen ready for it!  If I hadn't been stopping it frame by frame to get the best video grabs, then I would never have seen it myself!  See for yourself!

Sloppy nail varnish on the finger holding the ring - it's on the finger as well as the nail!


Thanks to Rafaels and Stefans ABBA Pictures