The Best of ABBA / ABBA Down Under (ABBA in Australia)

Filmed 6th & 7th March 1976 (outside scenes - Hawkesbury River, Koala Sanctuary, Cruise,  Zoo
Tuesday 9th-12th March 1976 (Studio)
Location Hawkesbury River, Sydney
Kola Sanctuary, Bobbin Head, Sydney
Sydney Harbour; Taronga Park Zoo, Sydney
Channel 9 Studios, Artamon, Sydney, Australia
Broadcast Saturday 20th March 1976, Australia (in capital cities)
Saturday 27th March 1976, Australia (in regional centre)
March 31 Sydney, April 24 1976 Melbourne and May 23 Brisbane on Ch9
Wednesday, 7 April 1976, 8.30pm on Ch9
ABBA in Australia was broadcast in Sweden on 5th June 1976
9 October 1977, BBC1, UK (4.53pm)
30 December 1976, 9.50pm, rete 1, Italy called "ABBA Show"
Released ABBA Down Under (ABBA in Australia) has been officially released on DVD on the ABBA Deluxe Edition
Notes There are three versions of this programme:

This version shows ABBA in the studio only performing the songs including "Tropical Loveland". This is the programme that drew more Australian TV viewers than the moon landing in 1969 pulling in 58% of the viewing public.

This version was broadcast in Sweden and showed ABBA out and about on The Hawkesbury River, having a barbecue and at Taronga Zoo filmed on 6th & 7th March.  The songs included the same line-up as "The Best of ABBA" recorded in the studio except Tropical Loveland which was played over footage of the boat and beach barbecue. This version also closed the programme with footage of them playing with boomerangs over, what else, Bang-A-Boomerang.

The third version is the same as the second except it has the medley of songs from the first version (Australian version in the studio only) played over the end credits/footage of the boomerang throwing).

A recently unearthed version of this special includes two performances by Australian country singer Lucky Starr who is also briefly interviewed by Benny and Björn.  This segment was in the show due to local content laws - they had to have some local performer in the show.  When Björn filmed the introduction to Lucky Star, he (Lucky Star) wasn't even in the studio at the time. Björn kept stuffing it up and calling him "Happy Star" which is why you hear a huge round of applause for Lucky Star. It was because Bjorn finally got his name right! The interview with Lucky Star was filmed at a different time.

Songs performed:
Mamma Mia
Hasta Manana
Ring Ring
Tropical Loveland (introduced by Frida)
Waterloo (introduced by Agnetha)
I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do
Rock Me (introduced by Agnetha and Frida)
Guest appearance by Lucky Starr (introduced by Björn)
Honey Honey
So Long

A performance of Dancing Queen was recorded at the same time but not broadcast as part of "The Best of ABBA" programme. It was included in the "ABBA Down Under / ABBA In Australia" version of the programme. It  was used as a promotional clip for the song later in the year, most notably on the UK's "Top Of The Pops" programme.  This clip was shown on 'Bandstand' in Australia in 1976.      

Click below for cuttings from The Australian Women's Weekly on 14 April 1976:
cutting 1
cutting 2

                   Mamma Mia                                                    Hasta Manana                                                                       Ring Ring                                              Tropical Loveland

                          Waterloo                                              I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do                                                        Rock Me                                                  Honey Honey   

                                    Fernando                                                               So Long                                                                   SOS                                                     End Credits     

              Intro with Lucky Star

Watch Out For

Frida turning the wrong way in "Ring Ring" - they are supposed to turn the same way but she turns in an opposite direction to Agnetha - but carries on so you'd never know.
Benny's funny face during "Rock Me"

Pictures Click on a thumbnail for a larger view:

Mamma Mia

Hasta Manana

Ring Ring

Tropical Loveland


I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do

Rock Me

Introducing Lucky Starr

Honey Honey


So Long


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