Filmed 29 September 1976 (Studio performances)
Location Sweden
Broadcast 26 October 1976 - Australia on Channel 9 (programme had been re-titled "ABBA From the Beginning")
Friday November 5th 1976 in Sweden in Channel 2 at 8pm and again on 14th July 1987 in Sweden as part of "Det var då i TV2"
Summer 1977, Finland
1 May 2010 - YLE Teema, Finland from 21.00 - 21.56 as part of the channels Teemalauantai (Theme Saturday) series
19 March 2011 - YLE Teema, Finland from 21:00 - 21:57 as part of the channel's "ABBA Theme Saturday" a successful repeat from 2010
2 December 2012 - The Netherlands
The film clip of 'When I Kissed The Teacher' was shown in the UK on Top of the Pops 2 - "School Days" programme on BBC2 from 22:45-23:45 on Saturday 25 September 2010.
Released This programme was included on the Arrival Deluxe Edition released in October 2006
Notes The first real documentary about ABBA was this Swedish treat from 1976.  It featured short interviews with all four members together and individually (all looking fresh-faced, happy and fantastic) and film clips especially made for this programme as well as a mini-concert in front of an audience. Stig is also interviewed briefly and is shown playing and singing part of "Tivedshambo" on acoustic  guitar

The narrator and interviewer was Per Falkman.

One of my favourite bits is the few seconds at the beginning where you see them all laughing hysterically.

Songs featured:

Knowing Me, Knowing You
When I Kissed The Teache (PROMO clip especially for this programme).
Dum Dum Diddle (LIVE performance)
My Love My Life (PROMO clip especially for this programme - Agnetha only)
Money Money Money (performance)
Dancing Queen  (PROMO)
Tiger (PROMO clip especially for this programme )
Why Did It Have To Be Me?" (LIVE performance)

During the opening credits, there are also small snippets of Agnetha swirling around,  Agnetha looking upwards (very briefly) and Frida winking which I'm not sure come from anywhere else, so must have been filmed as part of this programme.

The performance of "Money Money Money" was initially used in Australia as the PROMO until the proper PROMO became available.

In Australia, it was during this programme, that the National commercials (1, 2, 3, 4 & 5) were first screened.

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                 Dum Dum Diddle

Watch Out For

The teacher in "When I Kissed The Teacher" - famous Swedish comedy actor Magnus Härenstam went on to play Frida's lover in "Jokerfejs" in 1983. 

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Thanks to Jan Bach, Ian Cole, Carl Magnus Palm, Philip Muytjens, Petri Kaasalainen, Jarold Hanlon, Danny Guyon, Trijnie Dijkema, Robin Andersson, Steve Layton, Philippe Dupont, Jozsef, Rod Kirkman, Richard Knight and Alex Jones.
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