Hei Sveis! (Momarkedet)

Filmed 30th August 1975
Location Mysen, Norway
Broadcast Norway, 1975.   The "SOS" clip was shown on a German TV commercial for a 5 CD box set of ABBA albums (Die Story) from Dominion c.1999.
"Waterloo" was repeated in "Songs of Europe" in 1981*
Released The performances of "I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do", "SOS" and "Waterloo" have been released on the DVD ABBA - Number Ones
Momarkedet was the name of the largest charity event in Scandinavia, and was organised annually by the Red Cross.

After entering through the curtains, ABBA performed "I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do" and "SOS"  (both in long cat dresses) and "Waterloo" (short cat dresses) for the finale.  At the end of the programme (which also featured Leo Sayer), ABBA is given some toy animals.

The performances may be available officially now, but for many years "Waterloo" was the only performance widely available in fans' video collections.  "SOS" was very rare and until very recently, "I Do, I Do, I Do" was unheard of. 

There were rumours of FOUR songs (the fourth song being "Mamma Mia") in the NRK vaults for this clip, but that is not the case - just the three songs listed.


* Songs of Europe

On 22 August 1981, also in Mysen, Norway, the Momarkedt concert celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Eurovision Song Contest, calling the celebration concert 'Songs of Europe'.  Hosted by Rolf Kirvaag (and a very irritating puppet), it was broadcast live in Norway on NRK and transmitted in some European countries.  A highlights programme was broadcast on the BBC in the UK on 25 September 1981 presented by Terry Wogan. The French version was narrated by Léon Zitrone.

The performers were previous Eurovision Song Contest winners from 1956 to the present day (1981).  They included Lys Assia (1956), Jacqueline Boyer (1960), Jean Claude Pascal (1961), Isabelle Aubret (1962), Grethe Ingemann (1963), Udo Jurgens (1966), Sandie Shaw (1967), Massiel (1968), Lulu (1969), Lenny Kuhr (1969), Dana (1970), Séverine (1971), Anne-Marie David (1973), ABBA (1974), Teach In (1975), Brotherhood of Man (1976), Marie Myriam (1977), Izhar Cohen & Alpha Beta 1978), Milk & Honey (1979), Johnny Logan (1980) and most recent winners from four months earlier, Bucks Fizz.

ABBA did not appear in person in 1981 but the original "Waterloo" clip from 1975 was shown instead. They were one of only a handful of acts who did not take part in the show in person.

                           Part 1                                                          Part 2   

Duration 15 minutes approximately

Transcript Björn speaks to the audience after "SOS" and says:

"Thanks very much. I want to take advantage of the opportunity that we are in Norway to thank all of the Norwegian fans for all of their nice letters and for making our records such big hits. A thank you from us would be a song that no one could possibly have missed hearing at least once. It's about a very well-known battlefield and it's called "Waterloo".
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I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do



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