Mamma Mia PROMO

Filmed 28-29 April 1975
Location SVT Studios, Stockholm, Sweden
Released This clip has been released officially several times.  Most recently, you can find it on ABBA - The Definitive Collection
Notes Filmed at the same time as I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do and the studio bit of SOS.

This PROMO film premiered the side-on profile shot of two members which were to go on and be the 'trademark' of ABBA's PROMO videos from then on.  This was the PROMO that started it all in Australia when it was shown on Countdown in August 1975.

The PROMOs for SOS, Bang-A-Boomerang, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do and Mamma Mia were all directed by Lasse Hallström at a combined cost of less than 50,000 Swedish Kronor.  These were the four songs that were felt to have the strongest hit potential from the 'ABBA' album and filmed with a view to promote it. These four clips were not intended to promote the songs as individual singles but the ABBA album as a whole. The four clips were distributed as one complete film and broadcast on Swedish TV under the name '4 x ABBA'.

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Credits ABBA - The Definitive Collection booklet written by Carl Magnus Palm
Thanks to Ian Cole and some info from Bright Lights, Dark Shadows by Carl Magnus Palm
YouTube link c/o AbbaVEVO