The Eddy Go Round Show

Filmed 11 June 1975
Location NCRV TV Studios, Hilversum, The Netherlands
Broadcast 21 August 1975 on NCRV, Netherlands and
22 April 2012, 192TV, Netherlands
Released One of the the interviews and performance of "SOS" has been released officially on a multi-CD and DVD box set (in re-edited version)
The first interview and performance of "SOS" has been released officially on a multi-CD and DVD box set (in re-edited version)
The main title, Eddy's opening intro, segments of "Waterloo" and "Ring Ring" and the segment of the 2nd interview has been released officially on Pop op TV 1960-1975 (DVD & book).
This series ran from 18 March 1970 to 24 August 1976 on NCRV and contained 84 episodes.

Episode 68: ABBA were interviewed by host Eddy Becker and performed in their first TV special outside of Sweden.

This is one of only two times (that we can find) where Björn wore his leopard-skin cape (for "Rock Me") - the other being in the Bang-A-Boomerang PROMO

Frank Ifield was their guest on the show.  He sang four songs: "I Remember You", "Joanne", "Silver Wings", "California Cottonfields" and "Excuse Me Friend".

Dutch book "d'ABBA d'ABBA doe" reported that ABBA performed seven songs ("Rock Me"; "SOS"; "Honey Honey"; "Waterloo"; "I've Been Waiting For You"; "I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do" and "So Long"). ABBA Annual also reported that eight songs were performed ("SOS", "Waterloo", "Honey Honey", "I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do", "So Long", "Rock Me", "I've Been Waiting For You" and "Tropical Loveland"). And according to ABBA - The Book by Jean-Marie Potiez, ABBA performed six songs and an interview.

These are the songs that were performed (there were only FIVE), and in the following running order:

Ring Ring
1st interview
2nd interview
Tropical Loveland
3rd interview
Rock Me
SOS (and flower presentation)
Frank Ifield then performs 5 songs

All Eddy Becker shows (1974 and two in 1975) have been erased from the TV company archives. Apparently TV company NCRV saved "Best of" Compilations but these were all destroyed in 1976 when the the show finished and the original logs were thrown away when they moved to a new building.

However, on the 22nd April 2012, 192TV (a cable TV channel in The Netherlands, broadcast a 3-hour ABBA special, including the Dutch top 30 (ABBA Fan Club magazine #100) as well as The Eddy Go Round Show in its entirety.  Host Eddy Becker had a VCR copy of the programme himself and it is that personal copy that has been cleaned up and used for this particular programme (In 2006 the tape was rolled out, cleaned and played perfectly and so was used for this broadcast).  The quality is probably not deemed to be good enough quality for a DVD release however.


Duration 22:43
Watch Out For Frida and Agnetha during "Waterloo" during "I tried to hold you back but you were stronger". Agnetha during "Tropical Loveland" playing the piano!
The cat outfits - notice that the names "Agnetha" and "Frida" are NOT there on the back
Agnetha's face in the first interview when Björn says "And a few years later Agnetha found me!"
In 'Rock me' B & B giving it everything and Frida playing air piano.
Transcript Click here for a transcript (Thanks to an unknown fan who in 1975 wrote down the Dutch sub-titles which were later copied into a fan magazine)
Pictures Click on image for a larger view:

Ring Ring


Tropical Loveland

Rock Me


Pictures from the studio:

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Credits Rehearsal (B/W) photos from the web-site ABBA in Holland (thanks to Anne Miepje) and the book "d'ABBA d'ABBA doe".  Extra big thanks to Jozsef.  Thanks also to Erik Liebstaedter Dario Briegmann, Yannick, Walter Veldman, Petr Mlejnek, Henk, Rudolf Ondrich, Neil Barber, David McKenzie, Phiilp Muytjens, Steve Layton, Monique Hoevens and Will.
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