Auftakt für Brighton (Prelude for Brighton)

Filmed 9 (or 10?) February 1974
Location Stockholm, Sweden
Broadcast 27 March 1974 and on 28 March 1974, HR, Germany, 1974
BBC1, UK, 31 March 1974 at 4.45pm
Finnish TV, 30 March 1974 and called Eurovision laulukilpailu
Two short clips were also broadcast in "Wenn das kein Grund zum Feiern ist..." on 17 August 2002 on ARD Germany
HR (local company of ARD), Germany, 28 December 2007 (a very short clip - 13 seconds) at 10pm in a TV special about German entries to Eurovision called
"Unser Lied für den Grand Prix" ("Our song for the Grand Prix").
Released This performance has not been included on any officially released video or DVD.

(previously named "Mystery Waterloo!" and then "Waterloo at Eurovision")

ABBA performed (mimed) "Waterloo" (English).  

This Eurovision Song Contest Preview was broadcast in 2 parts by HR Germany and previewed all the entries for the 1974 Eurovision Song Contest.  "Waterloo" was in part 1 in the German broadcast.

So if this was a little film sent around Europe then this could possibly have been ABBA's first appearance on British television if they were used in the Eurovision Song Contest Preview programme broadcast (in colour!) on BBC1 on 31 March 1974 at 4.45pm as per this Radio Times snippet (the issue cost 5p!).  According to the Radio Times, ABBA were in part 2 so it is not the same order as the German version (as ABBA were in part 1). The UK's presenter was different too (David Vine) so perhaps the clips were sent around Europe and each country created their own versions.  Bizarre then that this clip has not been seen in full before now.

This also means that this performance is AFTER their winning performance at Melodifestivalen which would explain the similar set. 

This entry refers to the GERMAN  Eurovision preview because this is where the clip below is from. It also previews the performances of Olivia Newton-John, Irene Sheer, and Gigliola Cinquetti amongst others.

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Duration 58.55 for the whole programme (both parts) - 3 minutes for "Waterloo"
Watch Out For

They are called 'The Abba' on the screen!

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