Eurovision Song Contest 1974

Filmed Saturday 6 April 1974  


Location The Dome, Brighton, West Sussex, England
Broadcast LIVE to Europe although NOT LIVE to France (because their President (Georges Pompidou) was buried on the day of the contest. Because of that, the French entry was withdrawn and France didn't participate in the contest).
France did get the competition broadcast - they had footage in B/W and a shortened broadcast on 9 April 1974 and again on Eurovision Top A on 8 June 1974 (only the ABBA "Waterloo" excerpt).  There was no Katie Boyle commentary, but a French voiceover.
Released The first performance has been officially released on ABBA - The Video Biography 1974-1982 on video and VCD and on the 30th Anniversary Edition of ABBA's 'Waterloo' album
ABBA can also be seen on the CMC Entertainment's 2 DVD set, 'The Very Best of the Eurovision Song Contest' on disc 1 - 1956-1980
Two performances of "Waterloo" - the first performance and then the winning performance at the end. Both were sung with live vocals over playback.

                               First performance:                                                      Winning performance:

ABBA were the 8th act to perform. Olivia Newton-John was on 2nd for UK, Mouth and McNeal were the biggest threat.  Prior to each country's performance, a mini-film was shown firstly of some scenes from that country followed by the performers in and around Brighton. ABBA were shown posing together and then one by one appearing from behind a plant.

The programme was hosted by Katie Boyle.  ABBA's orchestra conductor was Sven-Olof Walldoff who came on dressed as Napoleon!  (Sven-Olof Walldoff died on 7 June 2011).  The intermission was a film of The Wombles messing about in Brighton to 'Remember You're A Womble'!

During the scoring, ABBA are seen twice in the "green room" watching the points coming in. ABBA won with 24 points.  The UK did not give Sweden any points!

Björn was famously refused permission to collect a writer's prize for the winning song and you see a bemused Stig looking awkward while Benny tries to explain to someone that Björn is also a composer of the song.  Notice the way Benny always touches his hair when he's flustered!

Stig's speech was "Thank you" in as many languages as he could think of!  Stig and Benny were presented their winners medals by Sir Charles Curran, Director General of the BBC and President of the EBU.

The UK show was commentated by David Vine (not Terry Wogan who did the radio commentary that year).  David Vine got Benny and Björn mixed up when announcing the line-up.  David Vine died on 11 January 2009.

Programme was produced by Michael Hurll who died in September 2012.

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Stig in the audience

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