Ein Kessel Buntes

Filmed Thursday 7 November 1974
Location East Germany
Broadcast Saturday 23rd November 1974, DDR-Fernsehen/GDR-TV, Germany

The performance of "So Long" was broadcast on 1 January 1978 in USSR on the First Channel during a New Year's programme

Released This performance has not been included on any officially released video or DVD
Notes Songs performed on this show that was always broadcast on a Saturday:

Honey Honey
So Long
Waterloo in German was performed at the end (part only).

A repeat of these performances was shown on Das Blaue Fenster.

Guests on the programme (in order):

ABBA - "Waterloo"
comedy sketch
Jiri Korn (Czech) - 2 songs
Russian folk dance
Ireen Sheer (UK) - "Goodbye Mama" and "Bye Bye I Love You"
Omara Portuondo and Martin Rojas (Cuba) - 2 songs
comedy sketch
Opera scene - excerpt of Offenbach: Orpheus in the Underworld
Andreas Holm - 2 songs
Schnellers' chimpanzees (Hungary) a circus scene
Das Fernsehbalett (a ballet scene)
Koncz Zsuzsa (Hungary) - 2 songs
ABBA - "Honey, Honey", "So long", "Waterloo" (german)


Duration 1.28 for the full programme
Watch Out For

Benny during Waterloo - he's not used to not having anything to do with his hands (piano or guitar) and he looks so uncomfortable standing there with just a microphone. He keeps looking to Frida for reassurance.
After "Waterloo" ABBA hold up the words, "Wir kommen gleich wieder", it's mean "We'll come back soon" other artists came after their first song

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Credits Thanks to Dean Morrison, Philippe Dupont, Jun Seo, Petr Mlejnek, Ronnie, Lendy, Jan Bach, Mandy Johanson, Yuri, Jozsef and Guido
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