H-trafik rapport: Ikväll
(a special edition of Hylands Hörna)

Filmed 3 September 1967  
Location Stockholm, Sweden (WHERE EXACTLY?)
Broadcast LIVE, 3 September 1967, SVT1 19.20-20.40 (and aired again in September 1998)
Released This performance was included in the Frida Box Set released on 5 December 2005.
Frida's first TV appearance. She had just won the Nya aniskten ("New Faces") the competition at Skansen, Stockholm with "En ledig dag" (A Day Off) and was then whisked off to the TV studio to appear on this programme as part of the prize.

This clip is priceless. She's so shy and timid and yet when she starts to sing all that is lifted. Apparently the high note she reaches is an 'E'.

This programme was a special, extra-long, edition of the regular Hylands Hörna (Lennart Hyland being the host, hörna meaning 'corner').   This was the day that Sweden switched from driving on the left to the right and the programme had lots of other guests to entice people away from the roads during the changeover.

Watch Out For The look she gives someone off camera as she's obviously been advised to drop the microphone away from her mouth a little to give a better sound. The twinkle she gives them is fantastic as she realises they were right! 

Lennart Hyland: By car direct from the Barnens dag (Childrens Day) Contest, without any rehearsals, without having met the orchestra ... Here comes the winner of today's contest. She came and gave some notes to Leif that he didn't understand. They tried and talked. Can you play this now?!  Is it you or Bengt who will play this?  Both of you!  Here comes the winner of today - Anni-Frid Lyngstad!  Congratulations!  It has been a very exciting day!
Anni-Frid Lyngstad: Yes, really
LH: Are you used to competing?
AL: Not that much
LH: Where do you come from?
AL: Eskilstuna
LH: Have you taken part in this kind of thing before?
AL: Yes I have.
LH: Is this your highest ranking so far?
AL: I won the Flugan (the Fly) in 1964
LH: Then this lady can be called a professional!  What happened after winning The Fly?
AL: Nothing
LH: Nothing? Is that what you wanted?
AL: No, not really
LH: What is your occupation?
AL: I am married and have two children - that's my occupation
LH: Whoo-hoo!  A wonderful occupation. Will this be a set-back for you?  Is that the reason that nothing happened after The Fly?
AL: No, I don't think so.
LH: No, I don't think so. Would you like things to happen now?
AL: That's something I can't say no to I don't think
LH: What will you do with the little ones?  They must be very small.
AL: I can't answer
LH: Your husband could help you
AL: He will do
LH: ... if something happens, if you sing a lot more.  What did you win with?
AL: I won with a song called "En Ledig Dag" written by Östen Warnebring that I like
LH: Yes (to the orchestra) do you agree on the song now?  I can tell you that this song has never been performed by this winning lady and our orchestra ever before.
AL: Could I have the microphone?
LH: Yes! absolutely!
AL: Thank you very much.

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Thanks to Ian Jones, Jozsef, Ian Cole, Steve Layton, Peter Palmquist and Håkan Borg (1997) c/o ABBAMAIL for the translation.
Extra information from 'Bright Lights, Dark Shadows' by Carl Magnus Palm
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