ABBA w Studio 2 (ABBA in Studio 2)       

Filmed 7-8 October 1976
Location Warsaw, Poland
Broadcast Saturday 13th November 1976 at 8pm in Poland (was also broadcast in Australia on Channel 10 - date anyone?)
Repeated 23 and 25 February 2008 on channel 'Kultura' of Polish TV
Knowing Me, Knowing Me was broadcast on the Rage programme in Australia on 3 November 2012 proving it's available for licence and broadcast (and presumably a video release?!)
Released This programme has not been included on any officially released video or DVD

Also known as "ABBA in Poland".  ABBA performed (all to playback):-

Arrival (only about 1.5 minutes of it) 
Waterloo (over footage of preparations for, and ABBA's arrival at the airport)
Nina Pretty Ballerina (over footage of them on the steps of the plane and arriving at their hotel)
Dancing Queen
My Love my Life
When I Kissed The Teacher
Knowing Me Knowing You
Money Money Money

Agnetha had travelled ahead with her father the day before and then met Benny, Frida and Björn off the plane. She had filmed "SOS" the day before and it was interspersed with a rather embarrassed looking Benny, Frida & Björn "singing" on the plane!

There is a short interview on the plane with mainly Benny, Björn and Stig.


Some alternative (very brief footage has emerged of the beginning of My Love, My Life

Duration about 40 minutes
Watch Out For Frida playing air guitar at the end of "Knowing Me Knowing You"
Ingvar Fältskog (Agnetha's father) getting out of the car
Agnetha getting ratty with her father!
Agnetha and Frida nearly losing control in a fit of giggles just before the start of the second verse of "Fernando".
In the reprise of "Fernando", in one shot Frida has lost her hair band yet seconds later it reappears! 
In My Love My Life, in the same way that Frida loses her hair band in a continuity error in the editing suite, there could be two versions of this filmed, with one shot of Agnetha on her own interspersed with the footage of her and Frida together (or do you think it's just camera angles?)
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Credits Thanks to Gabriel Zubowski, Jun Seo, Petr Mlejnek, Jozsef, Philippe Dupont, Philip Muytjens, Erik Leibstaedter, Steve Layton, Sam Shervz, Petri Kaasalainen and Alex Jones and thanks to Intermezzo Magazine for the transcription.
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