Ring Parade

Filmed 31 January - 1 February 1975
Location Paris, France
Broadcast 9 February 1975
14 November 2013, Jukebox, 192TV, Netherlands c. 7pm
Released This performance has not been included on any officially released video or DVD
Notes (This entry was previously known as Système 2 - now confirmed as Ring Parade - apparently Ring Parade was shown every Sunday at 7.30pm and Système 2 the same day at 8.30pm.)

Show background: Every Sunday evening, during the 1970s there was a TV show hosted by Guy Lux. The name of the show changed with the years (French Cancan, Domino, Ring Parade/Système 2, Top Club, Cadence 3). Ring Parade was shown every Sunday at 7.30pm and was a competition featuring approximately six songs/artists. This was followed by the news between 8.00pm and 8.30pm followed by Système 2. Système 2 was a 70-80 minute show with several artists. During the show, viewers got the results of the Ring Parade competition.  ABBA appeared in Ring Parade or in Système 2 but it seems that Ring Parade was, sometimes, listed as Système 2 by the French TV archives (INA) in the 70s.

ABBA performed "So Long" to playback on this show hosted by Guy Lux and Sophie Darel.   Guy introduced them, "Number 4. We know this group from Eurovision Song Contest in 1974 when we discovered them and they have come back with their new song 'So Long'"

Filming date confirmed by Görel's diary from 1975 as seen in the leaflet supplied in "ABBA - The Backstage Stories"

Running order:
Frédéric Francois' opening song
1. Laurent Rossi - "Jolie baby blue"
2. Annie Cordy - "La bonne du curé"
3. Billy Swan - "I can help"
4. ABBA - "So Long"
5. Carlos - "Senor météo"
6. Frédéric Francois - "Mal, tu me fais mal"
Tino Rossi's closing song

Duration Full programme 27:27, ABBA segment c. 3 minutes
Watch Out For Agnetha's scarily heavy make-up
ABBA in the audience during Billy Swan and Frédéric Francois' performances
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Credits Original information (re: Système 2) from ABBA - The Book (p.111) by Jean-Marie Potiez. Also thanks to Pascale Ranson, Paul Neilson, Steve Layton, Walter Veldman, Pascale Ranson, Mandy Samuels, Erik Liebstaedter, Jun Seo, Sam Shervz, Petr Mlejnek and Gérard Le Sech. Huge thanks to Jozsef and Gabor.  Special thanks to Eduardo Souza.
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